blogtiem his position on social issues is literally so on point from what ive seen. i found his fb page and he consistently links to pdfs of feminist literature, is highly involved in local womens organizations, is involved with and endorsed by the florida afl-cio (this like labor/union support organization) and bc of where we live (nasa is in our district) he is super passionate about space and he literally talked about like affordable space exploration

its is absolutely horrifying to me that some know it all young parents really dont listen or even consider the opinion of someone who is an educated and experienced professional in vaccines and disease prevention like what planet do they live on

oooomg theres ppl arguing about vaccinations on my news feed and its literally a swarm of anti-vaccine 20something moms versus a literal Environmental Disease/Preventive Health Specialist

and they are saying this person needs to do more research!! that they dont have all the info!!

this is horrifying!!!!

audre lorde makes me cry every time!!!! shes too real