at an understaffed nonprofit literally nothing is better than people approaching you asking to do like hard labor and outdoor labor (bc we desprately need it and are not equipped for that type of work nor do we have time for it)

i feel so insincere when i fully type out all my words and capitalize appropriate letters and stuff!! it feels fake its so not me.. i am all lowercase quiet nice girly soft voice but excited lots of exclamation points!!!

A former LAPD officer turned sociologist (Cooper 1991) observed that the overwhelming majority of those beaten by police turn out not to be guilty of any crime. โ€œCops donโ€™t beat up burglarsโ€, he observed. The reason, he explained, is simple: the one thing most guaranteed to evoke a violent reaction from police is to challenge their right to โ€œdefine the situation.โ€ If what Iโ€™ve been saying is true this is just what weโ€™d expect. The police truncheon is precisely the point where the stateโ€™s bureaucratic imperative for imposing simple administrative schema, and its monopoly of coercive force, come together. It only makes sense then that bureaucratic violence should consist first and foremost of attacks on those who insist on alternative schemas or interpretations. At the same time, if one accepts Piagetโ€™s famous definition of mature intelligence as the ability to coordinate between multiple perspectives (or possible perspectives) one can see, here, precisely how bureaucratic power, at the moment it turns to violence, becomes literally a form of infantile stupidity.

David Graeber, Dead Zones of the Imagination (via antoine-roquentin)

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