i think that it def says something about how u think of/feel about urself tho right? blogtiem

Not rly. I have a pretty high self esteem. I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with being dirty. Modern hygeine is pretty new to humans (I’d guess around the last 100 years). We were dirty for the last 199.9 thousand years.

I mean, there are obvious benefits to hygeine, but idt not wearing shoes or not bathing for a few days will srsly affect ur health.

to each their own u kno. iont have any real problems w/ ppl who don’t shower everyday or don’t wear shoes i just don’t get why u’d wanna do that if u can afford shoes and water

the first time these ppl came 2 my house i thought he just took his shoes off when he came in to be polite then today his gf is here too and she not wearing shoes either.. an i see no evidence of shoes in the front hall .. gotdamn hippies smh

im all for this sudden social life bc of roommate friend only thing its interrupting tho is me showing david gifs of dogs on the internet